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Here at New York’s Best Experiences our vision is to impact local New York communities and cause them to see steady and sustainable growth in their tourism industries. New Yorkers are truly welcoming people and we believe in what they do. 

So our mission becomes to story tell about the amazing and world class destinations all across New York State. 

  • We believe that if you have a personalized recommendation about what you love to do you just might check it out. 
  • We also believe that if you find out a place is famous for what you love, you will check it out. 

We try to speak in the language of why these places are famous and make a recommendation of what you should check out there. 


The New York Sherpa has traveled over 500,000 miles across New York checking out nearly everything there is to do. He brings his unique perspective back to you and lets us know what places are famous for and whats worth checking out. 

If you would like a personalized recommendation for what you love to do ask the Sherpa today: 


The locations here that our orange map pin has “landed at” are invited members of our community of truly recommendable things. If you would like us to check out your amazing experience contact us below. 


We have compiled this information into a travel guide (that’s a paper thing that works without batteries #amazing). If you would like a copy mailed to you just send us a request below with your address and we will mail one out (the mail is the stuff they keep putting in the box outside of your house). 


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